Open letter to the Google Pixel team November 2023

Hi Google Pixel team,


I have had my Pixel 3XL for 5 years now. before that, I had a 2XL. I loved both phones.
I loved the clean cut android experience, this Pixel 3XL is probably the best phone I've ever had so far. I have encouraged so many people over the years to get the Pixels, as there was so much good about them. I was a happy camper, but in 2022, I decided that I wanted to upgrade.

Now, I use the fingerprint reader all the time and having it in the back is such a great ergonomic design. It just makes absolute sense. So, jumping to the 7 was a bit of new and unexpected feeling, but I was very confident about it, despite the change.

Other than that, I had no other phones in mind, why would I get a Samsung that runs android, with all that bloatware? I despise Bixby, and I find it insulting that I wouldn't be able to delete it, taking up part of my precious memory space. iPhones were good?, iOS was just not my vibe, the different navigation, the rigidity of the app store... just not for me... I was in. Wholeheartedly and single mindedly for my next Pixel.

I tried the Pixel 7pro last year, and after 3 days, I decided to return it.
The buggy experience was just a total let down. The fingerprint reader issues were not resolved by the time I got it, which was around December 2022.

I wasn't sure your team would be able to resolve it. (I started reading upon issues for the Pixels 6,5 and 4. Yes in that order). and I was shocked to read that the different known issues took months to fix if they were fixed at all. Suddenly my individual experience with the 3XL was tainted, doubt started to creep in.

The solid trust that I had based on my personal experience suddenly saw a crack, a lot of people around me (direct relatives) all have iPhones, I was the lone ranger trenched up in a sea of Apple mania, the only one with blue bubbles, and I didn't care. I was solid with my Pixel. I didn't care what any of them had to say. Airdrop? Pfft... dude, I have Google photos doing all that for me. I don't even have to think about, and I get unlimited storage! Perk of having a pixel! FTW! 😎

But then, my wife got the iPhone 14. I was seeing it from up close with things here and there, and I just noticed that stuff just worked. Sure, Apple takes significantly longer to get features in iOS. Yes, Android gets them first, but then it dawned on me.

Following iterations of pixels didn't have that fundamental element.

Things just working as the should.

I couldn't find any pixel that was without issues, and we are talking basic things like a fingerprint reader. This technology has been in the market for a while now. So many other brands have no issues...

Why does Google struggle with this? it makes no sense. It’s not like Google doesn't have the resources for R&D, or the money to acquire someone who is doing it right. is not like I haven't been to one of their campuses to see for myself how awesome these spaces are... it just didn't fit....


I decided to work with the 3XL for one more year in the hope that the Pixel 8 would be better.

I patiently waited for a year. I was excited for the next iteration and then, it was announced: Tensor 3 in the house! Holy *** AI! oohhhh! awwww wooow!

So much expectation running high with all the "leaks" (sure, let's call them that)

Boy, was I excited?

Skipping the 7pro now seemed like the right call. What a genius move!

And then, it dropped. I was careful. I started looking for reviews, what did the early adopters have to say about it? how did it compare with the new titanium framed iPhone 15?

I love the aesthetic of the pixel in general (I am not a fan of the bezel in the back though, but I will honestly admit that at least the phone is not tilted diagonally when set on the table) except that this thing would snag on my pocket unless I had a case that evens it out, but then, what is the point of going for the Pixel, which is thinner than many competitors, if I have to get a thick case?

I wasn't happy with that, but given the alternatives, I was willing to tolerate it.

The results and reviews for the Pixel 8 started coming in. I've read so much, watched so many videos comparing the pro vs the regular... the limited software on the camera (which... really?) the ultra-processed photos... but whatever, all minutiae.

And then, the one thing I couldn't get over was the fact that Tensor is unable to be benchmarked unless there are some hoops to go around, and that was a legit red flag... then from the people where actually able to run benchmarks the numbers showed that Tensor 3 is not necessarily better than Tensor 2 when it comes to processing power. but that it is great at generative AI, but apparently it sends the processing of whatever the application is, to the cloud? (what?!) so it is going to consume more data instead of processing natively?

Something just didn't feel right. higher price tag(sure, let’s call it inflation), about the same clock speeds as Tensor 2?

and OMG, the fingerprint sensor continues to have issues?


YOU, yes you google pixel team, were telling to go and buy the Pixel 7.


You had a super fan, a loyalist that was all in for you, but you let me down, like a pallbearer, six feet under.

And I'm not even mentioning privacy yet, that's a whole different beast right there. Let's just say, I was willing to let you have all that (knowingly, willingly, but not happy about it, and resigned)

And now, I'm getting an iPhone 15, not because I love what they do, but simply because they now have USB-C and their stuff, "just works", and I didn't want to get rid of all the USB-C that I have accumulated for my pixels over the years.

I'm sad to leave for an iPhone 15. But get your mojo back and I may be back, if I'm not fully used to iOS..

May be... Hopefully, but yet TBD.