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Lo de Beto in Cañuela, Buenos Aires Agentina

Ask any Argentinean(this one included) about where to find the best asado argentino, and the answer will always be the same, either at home or a parrilla by the country side. The reason for this, is the fact that a good asado requires time, lots of it, and in a restaurant setting this is very hard to achieve.  Imagine yourself going to a restaurant and having to wait for 4 hours for this one dish to be prepared for you.... probably not the most ideal scenario. About 50 kilometers SW away from the city of Buenos Aires in the city of Cañuelas on  route 205, there is this place called "Lo de Beto"  (coordinates: 35.03S, 58.75W) They have one of...

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April 14, 2018 + What is Asado?

Asado is a term that is freely thrown around in Argentina. Any gathering of friends where there is any sort of combination of fire and meat (whether it is pork, chicken or beef) is referred to as "un asado" or if we wanna call it something cute we apply the diminutive, and call it "un asadito" . With that said, the great majority of asados consist of beef.

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