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Smorgasburg LA BBQ Day #2 Asado & Chimi

Smorgasburg Los Angeles, BBQ day #2. Serving Argentine Asado in stripes(tira de asado), freshly made chimichurri, matambre a la pizza, chorizo and morcilla. Under the name of Asado and Chimi (or Asado & Chimi) We had regular and spicy chimi, with an Asian inspired salad. As it was the 2nd day, we had some more experience under our belts.    Thank you much to everyone who came to support us!   "As we evolve, we are trying to figure out so many things, like the menu. It is perhaps better explained in the words of an Instagram post:hese last couple of months have been a great experience for something I had never done before. I have been encouraged greatly by...

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April 14, 2018 + What is Asado?

Asado is a term that is freely thrown around in Argentina. Any gathering of friends where there is any sort of combination of fire and meat (whether it is pork, chicken or beef) is referred to as "un asado" or if we wanna call it something cute we apply the diminutive, and call it "un asadito" . With that said, the great majority of asados consist of beef.

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