Lo de Beto in Cañuela, Buenos Aires Agentina

Ask any Argentinean(this one included) about where to find the best asado argentino, and the answer will always be the same, either at home or a parrilla by the country side. The reason for this, is the fact that a good asado requires time, lots of it, and in a restaurant setting this is very hard to achieve. 

Imagine yourself going to a restaurant and having to wait for 4 hours for this one dish to be prepared for you.... probably not the most ideal scenario.

About 50 kilometers SW away from the city of Buenos Aires in the city of Cañuelas on  route 205, there is this place called "Lo de Beto"  (coordinates: 35.03S, 58.75W)

lo de beto mapa

They have one of the best asados I have had in years. I could see how my of you will instantly ask me, is yours better or is theirs better? and my answer to that is: You will have to find out by trying both and form your own opinion, and then we can discuss. 


With that said, as you arrive, this is what you will find:

lo de beto frente

and as you walk in you will see one of their hanging grills, and you will find different cuts, as Asado, vacio, chorizo, morcilla, and they may have other cuts too, but given that we went during the pandemic, we didn't see other cuts. 


 Now, once you go to the back, there is a seating area. Once you take a seat, and ask for your food, they will serve them to you in paper trays, in a bag. Yes, not even plates, not even hard plates, just a cheapy cardboard tray in a bag. But the important question is, does it matter? and my answer is NO, it doesn't. I came to eat, and eat I will.  We got some asado, which, of course! 

asado en lo de beto cañuelas buenos aires argentina 2021

While the asado was fantastic, I gotta say, like in every great film, the great protagonists are great because they have superb support characters, and in this case, we have the humble salad, which I totally forgot to take a picture of, but you can see in the background here. 

Man, I still dream about that asado... yeah, it was that good


On the other hand which was by no means any less, there was the vacio, which, to be honest is the best I've had in years...


Seriously, if you are ever in Argentina, I highly recommend you go check it out.

Also If you were expecting pictures of the sausages, sorry, I was too excited with the food that I totally forgot to document those.


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